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Infographic: What 2014 Holds For B2B Content Marketing

This year has only just begun, and we’re still in prediction mode so we can be best prepared for what’s ahead in 2o14. We’ve already covered social media, B2C content marketing and overall content marketing trends for the coming year – but what about B2B content marketing?

The trends for B2B content marketing are not unlike what we’ve seen across the board. Namely, more content that’s more strategic, more targeted and more social than ever before. Take a look at this infographic for a breakdown of what B2B marketers will be focusing on in 2014.

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68% of CMOs have content marketing at the top of their goals for 2014 - Tweet it

Brand awareness and lead generation are the top focuses for B2B content marketers in 2014 - Tweet it

57% of B2B content marketers use content curation as part of their strategy - Tweet it

LinkedIn is the top social network used to share B2B content, at 91% - Tweet it

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