INFOGRAPHIC: PDF – The Clark Kent of Marketing

November 12, 2012 Jose Antonio Sanchez

Uberflip has released an infographic about the growth of the PDF as a document format, and its subsequent limitation for marketers in today’s digital world. The visual illustrates how Google has indexed more than 1.3 billion PDFs in 2012 – almost six times more than in 2011. It also proves how despite these numbers, PDFs don’t offer the social integration, cross-platform compatibility, and tracking that marketers require.

“Effective content marketing should incorporate features such as video, social media, and mobile-friendly page turn design and delivery,” says Neil Bhapkar, Director of Marketing at Uberflip. “These elements, along with the comprehensive analytics that marketers today expect, clearly indicate that PDFs are not an adequate content format.”

The infographic points out several limitations with PDFs, such as:

  • Video enhancements – consumer internet video traffic is projected to grow from 16.8K petabytes per month in 2012 to 45.2K in 2016.
  • Social media integration – social networks now reach 82% of the world’s Internet population.
  • Mobile distribution – mobile data traffic is expected to increase from 1.3 exabytes per month in 2012 to 10.8 in 2016.

Download the infographic here

Uberflip has also released a complementary whitepaper which can be accessed here.

Embed this infographic on your own website:

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About the Author

Jose has seven years of experience in cross-platform media and marketing. He's responsible for the development and implementation of marketing campaigns.

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