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Infographic: B2C Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

The coming year is predicted to be the “year of content” by many, and the stats appear to be backing that up! In the B2C space in particular, marketers are embracing content – namely blog, social media and videos – as a core part of their marketing strategy more than ever before.

This infographic explores these trends and what they hold for B2C content marketing in 2014. How many brands are truly focusing on content marketing? Which tactics are they using? How are they measuring success? And how will B2C content marketing differ from B2B? Scroll down for the answers!

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90% of B2C marketers are using content marketing - Tweet it

Social media, blogs and video are the content of choice for B2C marketers  - Tweet it

89% of B2C marketers are using Facebook to share their content - Tweet it

Brand awareness is the top reason B2C marketers use content marketing - Tweet it


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