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I have way too much content! How can Uberflip help?

You’re a content marketing powerhouse with volumes of content. eBooks, multiple blogs, social media channels and video come pouring out of your organization every week. As a new stack of content gets added to the pile, older pieces quickly become buried.

How can you make the most of all your content and capitalize on them before they get added to the pile and forgotten?

This is where Uberflip Hubs comes into play.

Hubs allows you to centralize all your content into a beautiful front end experience. You can easily organize the volumes of content you’re creating, making it easy to keep content evergreen and relevant over time.

Custom Collections allow you to further segment your Hub content based on what you want to promote. It’s a great way to create targeted content streams around a specific topic, campaign, audience or buyer persona.

Hubs also makes it easy for your sales team and internal employees to find content for sales collateral. Instead of slugging through a database of content, you can create an FAQ or product-focused Custom Collection so your sales team can easily grab content to share with leads.