How to Prepare your PDF for Uberflip

July 22, 2013 Michael Keshen

One question we get quite frequently here at Uberflip is from people wondering how to best optimize their PDF before converting it into an enhanced Flipbook. Though our software is great for bringing all of your existing PDF content to life, ensuring a fully optimized experience would benefit from strategic planning at the initial content creation stage. Here are some of my top recommendations for getting your PDF ready for Uberflip.

Use Large Fonts

The problem with most PDFs is that they’re designed for print. Even if a PDF is intended for a digital release, the default settings on most PDF creation software is set-up for documents that are going to a printer. The problem with this is that a standard piece of paper is typically much bigger than a digital screen. As a result, text can often be difficult to read when initially loading a document on a digital device. Readers are then required to zoom in to make text larger and clearer to read.

Using a larger font will enable your audience to read your content without having to constantly zoom in to your pages. For optimal results, I recommend using at least a 16 point font. Though this reduces the amount of text that can be on each page, your readers will thank you for being able to easily flip through pages and read with no extra effort on their part.

Leave Empty Space

New Customers are always very excited to add interactivity to their pages – videos, image slideshows, social media feeds and so on. The problem is that once they start doing so, they often quickly discover that there’s no room to add these features within their documents. This is why it is so essential to plan ahead for the additional features you are going to add once your PDF has been converted to a Flipbook. If you’re planning on adding a video, make sure that there’s actually enough room for it to be seen!

You can even get creative with how to prepare the space that your enhancements will be located in. In this example, we placed an image of a blank iPhone in the original PDF, then placed a Vimeo video over top of that image within Uberflip to make it seem like the video is being played from within an iPhone.

Save the Interactivity for Uberflip

At Uberflip, we have a great team of developers pushing daily updates to our platform in order to ensure that it is always compatible with the latest devices and software. We’ve provided you with a comprehensive set of tools that bring your content to life. Our widgets – YouTube videos, Flickr image slideshows, SoundCloud audio and so on – are very easy to add to your pages (with no coding!) and we ensure that they are always working properly with our platform.

Some PDFs have interactive elements embedded into the original file in order to add enhancements to normally static PDF files. It is best to leave these enhancements out of your PDF, since they will not be carried over to Uberflip. Because we optimize PDFs for mobile as well, we’ve handpicked the enhancements that work best across multiple devices. As such, it is best to use the enhancements that we provide and offer continued support and maintenance on. Of course, if your own custom enhancements are essential, we do offer the ability to code them in yourself.

Know your Audience

Before even brainstorming your next PDF, first try to understand your readers. For instance, if you’re publishing a Flipbook version of a store directory for a mall that you manage, chances are that your readers will be using a smartphone to access your content. In this case, large fonts would be very helpful, and there would probably not be much need for video. Alternatively, if you’ve written a technical manual for your software, lots of descriptive text and video tutorials would be very useful. Of course, to better understand your audience, be sure to use the Metrics platform in your Uberflip Account!

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Michael Keshen

Michael is a Content Marketer at Tucows.

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