How to Maximize Online Consumer Retention

May 31, 2013 Jason Corrigan

For people to find your website, you must consider and implement various forms of on-page optimization tactics; these tactics allow search engines to pull content from your site when users are searching for general products, services and information.

While search engines introduce your website to users, it is the webmaster and all parties involved with the development of the website that are responsible for getting users to come back to the site and converting them into loyal customers.

How to Keep Consumers Interested and Returning To Your Website

When users first enter your website, they are looking for immediate gratification to resolve their search query. That means you need to include specific points of messaging that immediately demonstrates credibility and authority, and that aligns with the service or information the user is looking for.

Brands can address this by including call-to-actions that highlight product offerings; offering expert testimonials also validates the users’ experience.

Be Specific in What You Offer and Who You Are

Place yourself in the mindset of the user. Ask yourself, “If I were looking for the services my company offers, what keywords would I search with and what questions would I want answered by the website I choose?”

Putting yourself in the place of your target consumer will allow you to answer and address the issues that your target audience is looking to resolve in their search. By doing this, you are able to offer the type of content your audience wants so that when they do land on your site, they are able to experience a sense of resolve about searching and finding what they’re looking for.

In addition to this, it is critical that users are able to immediately identify an “About Us” section that allows them to learn about your company and its history. In this section, make sure you include information that explains how your company’s services alleviate stress for consumers by providing sound solutions for their problems.

Make It Easy for Online Consumers to Contact Your Brand

When any online consumer lands on your website, they should be able to immediately identify how they can contact your company for questions, concerns and comments.

Including a large call-to-action that resembles something like, “Have Any Questions? Call Us Today! 555-555-5555” will go a long way in connecting new users with your brand by keeping them engaged and converting them into a customer.

Having a website that considers and implements on-page optimization tactics to attract users is only half the battle in developing a successful digital marketing campaign. Understanding how online users interact with content on your site will allow you to post useful resources that increase conversions and keep customers coming back.

About the Author

Jason Corrigan

Jason is the Manager of Search Marketing at The American Cancer Society; whose portfolio of experience includes developing complex search and social strategies for world-renowned brands that include: Duracell, Febreze, Swiffer, Oral-B, The Source, and more. Corrigan is a published author on the concept of "Social SEO" and a frequent contributor to some of the industry's most recognized search marketing journals.

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