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How To Leverage LinkedIn For Your Brand

Today’s social media landscape is so vast and complex that you risk spreading yourself too thin by maintaining a brand presence across every available platform. However, certain social media sites are vital to increasing brand awareness. Specifically, LinkedIn has become a crucial platform for brands and businesses. A professional networking site, LinkedIn is designed to establish connections among industry folk, encourage brand awareness, and even functions as a platform for employee recruitment.

While simply creating a LinkedIn profile for your brand is a good place to start, you won’t reap the full benefits of what this social site can offer without a bit of effort. Here are the best ways to leverage LinkedIn as a useful tool for your brand.

Display Accurate Information

The first step to leveraging LinkedIn’s potential for promoting and strengthening your brand is to ensure your profile is completely up-to-date. Displaying inaccurate information about your business online is irresponsible and misleading, and inconsistencies can make your brand seem unreliable and untrustworthy.

Once you have registered and set up your official company page, it’s important that your profile is regularly updated to reflect your latest professional achievements. Your LinkedIn profile can function as a free marketing platform and source of information for consumers who seek you out on social media.

In addition to maintaining an accurate company profile, you should encourage employees to create or update their own professional profiles on LinkedIn. Strong, well-written individual profiles will reflect positively on your brand by demonstrating that your company hires and employs a responsible, tech-savvy workforce.

Maintain An Active Presence

A completed, accurate LinkedIn profile is not optimized if it is stagnant. Keep your company profile active by sharing links, news stories, and updates on a regular basis. You can make your shared content more personal by incorporating company news and links to any blog or website your company maintains. As always, it’s a good idea to subsidize your original content with curated content to expand your online presence.

It is also a good idea to include detailed information about your company’s latest offerings in the “Products & Services” tab on your brand page. The more information readily available to users viewing your profile, the more likely you are to catch the interest of a potential new customer.

You can also utilize LinkedIn as a job board if you are looking to attract new employees. The “Careers” tab offers a tool for recruitment where companies can post open job positions.

Participate In LinkedIn Groups

Another important way to maintain an active, engaging presence on the site is by participating in LinkedIn group forums. Your have the option to participate in existing groups by discussing, sharing and conversing about industry news and developments, or to establish your own LinkedIn group.

Participating in groups is a great, cost-effective alternative to paying for ads on LinkedIn and can generate positive brand awareness. Begin new discussions by asking relevant, open-ended questions or demonstrate your industry knowledge by providing answers and suggestions to other users.

Starting a new LinkedIn group centralized around your brand, product or industry is something that requires a bit of consideration before getting started; your goal should be to share and showcase your expertise rather than blindly promoting your brand name. This type of engagement helps frame your brand identity as a member of the community and helps establish a reputation as a thought leader.

Another awesome feature of LinkedIn’s groups is the ability to host Q&A events that amp up engagement with followers, peers and consumers.

Social Networking 101

Despite its growing number of functions, the primary purpose of LinkedIn has always been networking—so building a network of professional connections is crucial to leveraging the power of LinkedIn. The site provides a unique platform for interacting with everyone from industry experts and thought leaders to colleagues and potential job candidates.

Here are some simple tips to help you find new connections and improve your LinkedIn networking skills:

  • Seek out connections from past business endeavors.
  • Reach out to people you would like to work with in the future.
  • Network with thought leadership icons in your industry.
  • Connect with current employees and colleagues.
  • Promptly accept any requests to connect.
  • Advertise your LinkedIn URL on your company website so interested parties can connect with you instantly

Making LinkedIn Work For You

Amid a sea of social networking sites, LinkedIn has carved out a place of its own as a niche social platform for professionals. Learning the best ways to leverage this social network can strengthen your online presence and increase opportunities for engagement. As one of the most important sites for businesses and brands, LinkedIn can be crucial in achieving your marketing and social media objectives.

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