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How To Generate Leads With A Quiz

Josh Little is the “Chief Quizard” at Qzzr, an online quiz tool that allows you to create and track your own quizzes. Check out The Complete Guide to CTAs to learn how any piece of content can become a lead generating one. 

Did you know the #1 article on the New York Times for 2013  was not an article at all - but a quiz?   What is even more remarkable is that this quiz launched on December 21st, so it only had 11 days to gain that status.  In just 11 days, it got more traffic than any other article launched the entire year.

OkDork just released an analysis created by BuzzSumo of over 100 million articles.  Over the last 8 months, 8 out of the 10 most shared articles on the web were quizzes.

Why is this?  What is it about quizzes?  Why are they seemingly everywhere?  
And why can’t I look at my Facebook and Twitter feeds without finding one of them?

Smart marketers and publishers have caught on to this trend and have built their own tools. The New York Times quiz was built by a pair of developers from their creative team.  BuzzFeed and Zimbio have launched their own proprietary quiz tools.  Huffington Post also just launched their first quiz that was created with their own in-house tool.  The engagement that these publishers have seen with these tools is simply bonkers.

But, what if you’re not a large publisher?  What if you don’t have the budget or team of developers to build your own software tool?  Do you just sit on the sidelines and watch?

The team at Qzzr has created an answer to that.  Qzzr is a simple online quiz tool that allows anyone to create a quiz, embed it on their site, and share it with the world.  So Qzzr allows anyone in the world to get the same sort of engagement and lift as the big publishers.   The interesting twist is that Qzzr also allows you to convert all of that social engagement into an authentic business outcome by either redirecting all of those social shares back to your site, presenting targeted offers to people who take your quizzes, or capturing qualified leads. 

I’m going to focus the rest of this article on just one of these jobs to be done, capturing qualified leads, because it is possibly the hottest topic among our users right now.  I want to share some of the best practices we’ve seen and also a few recent case studies that are worthy of sharing in their own right.

Leads from a quiz?  That’s crazy talk!

Not really.  We’ve been really encouraged by the people pioneering this space.  We’ve seen people capturing leads for just about everything including volunteers, attendees to a summit, mailing lists, and of course, leads for a sales team.  It’s risky to release numbers this early because we feel like our product isn’t even close to optimized and our users are just figuring out the right recipes, but our current lead conversion rate is a very promising 10.1%.  That means for every 10 people who finish your quiz, you get one lead.  We’ve seen much higher rates from strong offers in focused channels.  

We think it’s cool that these large publishers are getting millions of people to take their fun quizzes.  We think it’s much cooler that everyone else is engaging their channels in an authentic way by providing an education and then an offer based on their newly found needs.

OK, now let’s talk about how to do it. 

Step 1 - Create a quiz for your audience

Think about what will truly resonate with your audience, whether it's just for fun or a quiz that offers real insight.  Rogers Family Coffee Co-created a “What kind of coffee are you?” quiz and dropped it on their site.  Wedding Guide Chicago launched a “Where is this wedding photo taken?” quiz and launched it on their Facebook page.  These are brilliant, and they don’t need a million responses to create very valuable results. What kind of quiz would your audience love and share?

Editor's note: We made a quiz with Qzzr too! Test your content marketing IQ here. 

Step 2 - Add a lead capture with a compelling offer

The best performing quizzes we’ve seen have just provided something valuable to the quiz taker - either education or help in making a decision about what is right for them.  At this point, the right offer can convert really well.  The person taking your quiz is open to what you have to say because they have been fed or at least entertained.  So, what is the next step in their relationship with you?  What would be helpful to them?  The answer to those questions should be your offer that is most likely to generate leads for you.


Step 3 - Share that quiz with the world

You can easily embed the quiz in a site or blog and point all of the share redirects back to it.  Beyond that, you can email the quiz to your fans.  Share it on your Facebook page.  Tweet it.  Blast it out on LinkedIn.  That ought to be enough seeding to make this thing grow some legs.

Step 4 - Watch the leads roll in and follow up accordingly

A quiz can be like a courageous, outgoing new sales ambassador that goes out and meets new people, teaches them what they need to know, and recruits them back to you.  The best thing is the quiz works for you 24/7 and doesn’t need a break.

Now, let’s look at some recent examples of businesses finding success in capturing leads with a quiz.

Fit Marketing created this quiz “How to be an inbound marketing expert” to help educate the readers of the KISSmetrics blog on the finer points of inbound marketing.  At the time of this writing, 858 people had completed the quiz and 109 clicked through on the offer.  That’s a whopping 12.7% conversion on a quiz made by a third party with a third party offer.  We thought that was quite impressive.

Kettlebell Fever launched the “Are you really StrongFirst” quiz into the passionate StrongFirst fitness community and got a respectable number of responses.  What is more respectable was that the conversion rate to on this quiz is at 20.3%.  Those are great results. 

The bottom line

 We're super encouraged by the early data and success of our customers and are excited to see quizzes being used more and more as lead generation channels.  What we hope you take away from this article is that while it might be great to get 100,000 people to engage with any content, what really matters is your bottom line.  Just 5 qualified leads means more to a small company than 100,000 views on anything.  This is what we’re most excited about - helping people convert the frothy engagement of the quiz medium into real business value.  

Watch our webinar with Qzzr to learn how to incorporate quizzes into your content strategy.

About the Author

Josh is the Chief Quizard at <a href="">Qzzr</a>, an online quiz tool. Cutting his teeth as a public school teacher, Josh quickly launched into a successful career in sales and marketing at SBC, Pfizer, and Stryker after which he founded, grew, and exited two successful software companies, Maestro and Bloomfire.

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