Happy Proofreading Day! 6 Cards to Share With Your Favorite Editor

March 8, 2016 Victoria Hoffman

Happy Proofreading Day

It's that time of the year to really buckle down on they're vs. there vs. their and take your stance on the Oxford Comma. It's Proofreading Day!

Here at Uberflip, we love a well-edited piece of content. We thoroughly appreciate those who go the extra mile to make sure our copy is well written and our grammar is correct. If you have a special editor in your life, send them a card for Proofreading Day to show your appreciation!

Proofreading Day Card

Gee, thanks.
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Proofreading Day Editor Card

There's always that one person who will never learn. Sigh.
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Proofreading Day Card Commas

Commas make all the difference between camaraderie and illegal activity.
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Proofreading Day Card

We all have a preference. One is just furrier than the others.
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Proofreading Day Apostrophes

Some 'people don't kno' when 'to' lay off the 'postrophe.
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Proofreading Day Card

Since 3500 BC.
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Don't have an editor to fall back on? Check out our grammar cheat sheet to make sure your writing is top notch.

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