Content Roundup: What's the Deal with Facebook, Anyway?

March 6, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content Roundup

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook... What are we going to do about you? 

So many conflicting messages have surfaced as brands attempt to survive the Reachpocalypse. Should you delete your Facebook page? Is it worth it to play the game and fork over some of your budget for ads? How should you even be measuring Facebook these days, anyway?

This week's #ContentRoundup attempts to shed some light on some of these Facebook issues.

If You Run a Facebook Page, Expect The Like Count to Drop Soon

Facebook Like Drop

Heads up: Facebook is doing some spring cleaning, and it will likely affect the number of "Likes" on your Business Page.  With the death of organic reach, the value of a "Like" isn't quite the same as it used to be, but it's good to know when a dip in your social growth isn't necessarily your fault.

Why People Unfollow Your Brand on Social Media


So, what about the "unlikes" you can control? Well, understanding why Facebook users are unfollowing your Business Page is a good start. According to a recent survey, it boils down to three main reasons.

Why Copyblogger is Killing its Facebook Page

Facebook Page

The ultimate lesson in why every social media channel isn't necessarily right for every brand: after trying everything to connect with an audience on Facebook, Copyblogger finally called it quits

Yes, Facebook's Organic Reach is Terrible, but You're Crazy if You Delete Your Page

Organic Reach Facebook

Why don't we all take a note from Copyblogger? If there's no organic reach, isn't Facebook just a huge waste of time for us all? Not necessarily. The argument for maintaining a presence on Facebook is just as compelling. Understand what's best for your business before making any drastic decisions.

How to Prove Your Social Media Impact

Social Impact

Though not specific to Facebook, this excellent post from Convince&Convert outlines how exactly you can prove the value of social. Get the data, generate the insights, then decide how you'll move forward with your Facebook strategy.

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