Content Roundup: The Calm Before the Brainstorm

April 9, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content Roundup

Coming up with amazing content ideas: The struggle is real!

There's nothing more discouraging than sitting in a content brainstorming meeting waiting for idea lightning to strike. This week's #ContentRoundup aims to help you figure out new ways to come up with content ideas and bring them to life.

First Ever Research on B2B Marketing Ideation: Stats, Insights, Data

Content Ideas

It's not just you... coming up with a steady stream of content ideas is a real struggle for businesses—see the stats for yourself in Kapost's study. Fair warning: I'm sending you to a piece of gated content, but I downloaded it so I can tell you that it's worth a read. Scout's honor.

Why Capturing Ideas is Essential to Your Content Strategy and Organic Search

Capture Content Ideas

If you're not listening to anything on Copyblogger's, you're missing out. In this podcast, thought leader Loren Baker discusses the importance of capturing your content ideas. Don't let them get lost in your brain or in cyberspace—record them!

How to Think of Better Ideas Without Waiting for a Lightbulb Moment [Infographic]

Content Ideas

Why is it that all the best ideas come in the shower? This infographic from HubSpot will help you come up with more ideas (not in the shower) and bring them to life.

8 Places to Find Great SEO-Friendly Content Ideas

SEO-Friendly Ideas

 Ideas can be found in every nook and cranny of the Internet. The trouble is finding the nooks and crannies in the first place. Check out these suggestions from SEMrush.

Walk, Forrest, Walk: Don't Let Your Ideas Run Too Far

Forrest Gumping

On the odd occasion, someone ruins an idea by taking it too far. There's actually a term for this—it's called Forrest Gumping. Our friends at Wistia explain in this excellent blog post.

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