Content Roundup: Seductive Blogging, Landing Page Reviews, And More

August 22, 2014 Braveen Kumar

This week's #ContentRoundup is all about how to write a blog post that moves your audience, a critique of 29 different landing pages, the benefits of responding to comments from your audience, and more!


4 Simple Steps to Writing a Blog Post That Floods Your Inbox with Inquiries

Blogging is a worthwhile strategy that produces leads and gives your business a voice. But if you're not doing these 4 things, you're missing out on the opportunity to get the most bang for your buck each time you publish.


29 Landing Page Reviews That Show Why Clarity is the key to Conversion

Clarity is one of the most important elements of any landing page. With only seconds to prove yourself to visitors before they bounce away,  it's important to communicate clearly and efficiently with both words and visuals. Here, Unbounce reviews 29 landing pages to demonstrate the dos and don'ts.


Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments?

Responding to comments from your audience is more than a common courtesy  it can reap tangible results for your business. In this blog post, Neil Patel illustrates why it's worthwhile for you to take the time to reply.


Think You Know LinkedIn? 7 Common Myths Debunked

There are a few assumptions about LinkedIn that need to be acknowledged before you can proceed to take advantage of this powerful professional network. Here are 7 rumors you might have seen floating around.


Marketing Research: How Enterprises Structure, Scale, and Spend on Content

Enterprise-level organizations seem to face obstacles when it comes to structuring, scaling, and spending on their content strategies. In this report, Content Marketing Institute offers insight into enterprise struggles in content marketing.


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Braveen Kumar

Braveen is a Content Marketer at Shopify.

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