Content Roundup: It's All About the Content Experience

December 17, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content Roundup

What is a content experienceIt's the environment in which your content is consumed — that is to say, the physical context.

How much can the power of context can affect the performance of your content assets? A lot.

Read more about the importance of providing a well-optimized content experience in this week's #ContentRoundup.

5 Keys to an Amazing B2B Content Experience

content experience

Is your content SASSY (Scannable, Actionable, Shareable, Scalable, You-Oriented)? These are five keys to improving your content experience — read more about them on B2C.

Why No One is Reading Your Marketing Content

content experience

Spoiler alert: It's mostly because you're neglecting your content experience. Learn more on Harvard Business Review.

Customers Remember Experiences, Not Content

The failure of content marketing is the belief that content exists in a vacuum. This piece in the Guardian discusses how no piece of content is an island, in and of itself.

Improve Your Content Performance By Improving Your Experience

content experience

Your content is only as effective as the experience in which it lives. Don't put your amazing content in a mediocre experience — learn more on Vidyard's blog.

How to Create Effective Content Experiences

content experience

This podcast (another great one from!) discusses how to use context and empathy to create richer content experiences that work to attract, retain, and convert your users.

Learn how to improve your content's discoverability in our free eBook.

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Victoria is the Content Specialist at Docebo.

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