Content Roundup: How to Create Good, Old-Fashioned Quality Content

April 3, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content RoundupAs a marketer, you're probably extra familiar with that feeling you get when you come across a piece of awesome content. It can only be described as a mixture of inner peace and disbelief, like getting a hug and seeing a unicorn at the same time. 

And yet, why is it so hard to consistently create great content? What are the obstacles we need to overcome? 

This week's #ContentRoundup offers some tips on how to create good, old-fashioned quality content.

"But How Do I Know If It's Good?" How You Can Evaluate Content Quality (and Ditch Content Anxiety)

Quality Content

Content anxiety is a real thing. Don't let it hold you back from creating stellar content. Moz offers some great tips for creating valuable content, every time.

The Science Behind Quality Content: A New Study

Lion King Content

According to a recent (and scary) report, only 31% of brands worldwide are creating effective content (yowza). Understand that it takes time and good editing to keep your content quality high. See what Ann Handley has to say about it.

How to Write High-Quality Content #SEMrushchat


Some great highlights and key takeaways about creating quality content from a recent #semrushchat.  Great tips from fellow content marketers!

What's a Nut Graf? (+ Other Hidden Elements Inside Great Content Marketing)

Jay Acunzo

Sometimes what makes content great are the little things—the music in a video, the sub-headings, and the nut grafs. Learn all about it from Jay Acunzo.

Why the Content Quality vs. Quantity Argument is Extremely Flawed

Content Quality

One of the problems with quality content is that quality is extremely subjective, kind of like wine. People are constantly trying to prove if sommeliers can actually taste the difference between a $10 bottle and a $100 bottle of wine. Pour yourself a glass and enjoy this great read from

Use data to create good, old-fashioned, high-quality content. Learn how in our free eBook.

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