Content Roundup: Fixing Your Broken Blog, The Metric You're Missing, And More

August 8, 2014 Braveen Kumar

This week's #ContentRoundup includes bad habits that are breaking your blog, the one metric many marketers are missing, a look at the big picture of stellar content marketing, and more!


These Bad Blogging Habits Are Stunting Your Growth

They say the definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different result. This might be why managing your company blog is driving you crazy. Find out if these bad habits are what's breaking your blogging strategy.


Rise Above: 5 Ways to Make Your Content Compelling

Content marketing posts that promise to tell you how to make content more compelling are a dime-a-dozen. But this one paints a bigger picture around what your content is missing and calls out some content marketing role models, like Red Bull and Bridgestone.


5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips That Drive Readers to Action

Email is sometimes hailed as the internet's first social network. That makes it bigger than Facebook, so if you feel pressured to migrate all your efforts toward social media, think again. These intelligent tips will convince you not to leave your email marketing to gather dust.


The Broken Art of Company Blogging (and the Ignored Metric that Could Save us All)

How is the success of a blog post measured? Social shares? Maybe. But the most telling metric is the one that requires more than just a few clicks from your audience: comments. Here's a controversial piece about the one metric that should be getting more attention than it does.


3 Ways to Improve Marketing ROI with Video Content

As a medium that is both audio and visual in nature, video is unique among content formats. This blog post sheds light on why measuring your video content will be one of the smartest additions to your content mix in 2014.


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Braveen Kumar

Braveen is a Content Marketer at Shopify.

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