Content Roundup: Comedy In Content, Why Facebook Is Like The NFL, And More

September 12, 2014 Braveen Kumar

This week's #ContentRoundup includes what comedy brings to content marketing, if social media platforms were professional sports leagues, headline writing not-so-best practices, and more!  


Comedy In Content Marketing: To Be Memorable, Make 'Em Laugh

A sense of humor makes you likable, approachable and memorable. That's exactly why comedy is no laughing matter for marketers.  As hard as it is to craft knee-slapping comic gold for B2B brands, Larry Kim is here to tell us why comedy is something all brands can use nowadays.


Which Social Network is Your Pro Sports League [Infographic] 

Don't you love a good analogy? In this infographic, Jay Baer compares the most popular social networks with professional sports leagues. He has some interesting things to say about Facebook (NFL) and LinkedIn (MLB) in particular.  


Common Headline Writing Myths We Should All Stop Believing

"THIS" seems to happen a lot with click-bait headlines. Creating a curiosity gap and filling it with nothing of value isn't doing you or your audience any favors. Here are other "best practices" of headline writing that we all ought to stop relying on.  


How to Sound Human: Data-Backed Keys to Making Your Voice Stand Out From the Online Noise

Be yourself and speak to humans. Marketers probably hear that a lot now. It's hard to believe that your own voice is a Unique Selling Proposition, especially when your end game online involves satisfying your marketing objectives. Thankfully there's research and data to lend confidence to these claims, as this blog post outlines for us.  


6 Keys to Shifting an Enterprise to a Content Marketing Mindset


It's sometimes hard to convince old school enterprises of the value of content marketing, because it requires a different mindset than traditional marketing. In this report, you'll get some insight into what perspectives need to change to adopt content into a corporate marketing strategy. 

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