Content Roundup: B2B Lead Generation Tips You Need to Know

August 14, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content Roundup

As much as content can help B2B businesses generate inbound traffic, increase engagement, and establish your brand as an industry authority, I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that most content marketers are using content primarily to generate leads.

This week's #ContentRoundup aims to help B2B marketers get more leads from their content marketing efforts.

5 Small Tweaks To Help You Generate More Leads

Lead Gen Tweaks

Ramping up your lead generation efforts doesn't always mean embarking on a completely new project — often, tweaking the assets you already have can be incredibly effective. Learn more on HubSpot.

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

Effective Content Marketing

If you expect your content to be effective, you need to have two things in place: First, buyer personas, and second, an understanding of the buyer's journey. B2B Marketing Insider has some tips for nailing both.

How to Generate More B2B Leads With Content

Lead Flow Content Success

What's preventing lead flow success from content? Find your bottlenecks and fix them - this insight over on the Marketing Tech Blog will help.

Why Your Content is Sabotaging Your Lead Generation

Content Sabotaging Lead Generation

A disconnect between your content and your calls-to-action creates a major gap in your content experience. Learn how you can fill these gaps over on Content Marketing Institute.

The Top Online Lead Generation Tactics & Metrics

Effective Lead Generation

The data is in — most B2B marketers agree that email is the most effective tactic to generate leads. Learn some other cool findings from MarketingProfs.

Gate your premium content to generate leads. Learn how in our eBook.

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