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Top 5 Content Discovery Tools For Marketers

Content Discovery Tools

An ongoing problem for content marketers is the need to consistently discover new and relevant content. Whether your goal is mining content, such as news stories and interesting articles to share with your audience on a regular basis, or seeking content inspiration for original work, knowing how and where to search for new content is vital to the success of your content marketing efforts.

Fortunately, there are a number of content discovery tools available that can simplify the process of discovering content. From aggregation dashboards to content discovery solutions based on keywords and trending topics, there are multiple sources ready to assist in your enduring search for content curation and inspiration.

Top 5 Content Discovery Tools

1. Swayy

One of the top tools for content curation is Swayy, a recently launched system for content discovery. With access to everything from articles and blogs to videos and infographics, Swayy is ideal for content marketers who want to discover various types of content based on specific interests and topics. Simply sign up online and select categories relevant to your search and Swayy will instantly return filtered results. Distributing the content you discover through Swayy is simple, whether you choose to share it with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn followers.

2. Feedly

One of Swayy’s top competitors, Feedly makes it easy to sift through blog content to find exactly what you’re looking for. Receive updates from all of your favourite blogs, websites and more in a single newsfeed within the app, or split your newsfeed into organized categories. Feedly’s popularity as an RSS feed jumped in 2013 following the shutdown of Google Reader. Enjoy the basic app for free or upgrade to a premium version for a fee.


Another popular content discovery tool on the market is With an emphasis on user experience, gets extra points for being highly customizable, allowing you to choose a variety of sources to appear in your feed. Using keywords and selected interests, allows users to find, save and share content in a few simple keystrokes thanks to its continuous stream of content and one-click publishing option.

4. PostPlanner

If your content marketing strategy has a strong emphasis on Facebook, PostPlanner is the tool for you.  Designed specifically to manage Facebook content, this app functions as both a content discovery engine and organizer; with results sorted by popularity, PostPlanner both allows you to discover and read relevant content, and then schedule it to be shared on your Facebook page within the same application. Keep in mind that although PostPlanner is initially free, you can’t utilize the majority of its benefits without shelling out a bit of cash for an upgrade to the premium package; however, the cost may be worth it if Facebook is an integral aspect of your content marketing.

5. Reddit

Although many users credit social media as their major source of breaking news and hot topics, recent research has shown that much of the content shared across Facebook and Twitter stems originally from Reddit. Seemingly a mishmash of content on just about every topic you could imagine, Reddit can act as a brilliant resource for content marketers. With real-time updates and top posts determined by the masses rather than the media, Reddit is an aggregate of the most popular stories on the Internet and is customizable based on your preferred topics and interests.

The benefits of curated content vs.original content

As helpful as these top five tools may be for discovering content, they won’t do you much good if you are unclear on the role that content curation should play in your marketing strategy. While both curated and original content are relevant to good content marketing, there are different benefits to each.

In terms of finances, it’s much cheaper to subsidize original content with curated content. You can save time and money by including both curated and original content in your marketing strategy. Curated content also adds value by providing a new perspective on a popular topic and diversifying your sources, plus it allows for more frequent updates, which can heighten engagement with fans and followers.

You already know that quality original content is more effective than empty filler content, but that’s no reason to downplay the value of content curation. Although creating and publishing original content is necessary, there already exists plenty of excellent content relevant to your industry just waiting to be discovered and shared.

Ideally, you’ll want a balance of curated content and original content, and content discovery tools can assist in strengthening your use of both.

Create, Discover & Share

Whether you are seeking out new content as a form of inspiration for the ongoing creation of original pieces or curating existing content as a low-effort alternative, there are various tools at your disposal that can make the process much easier and faster. The content discovery tools discussed above are suggested as a complement to your current marketing strategy and creation of original content.

Depending on your organization’s focus and content marketing goals, certain tools or combinations of tools will prove more useful than others. Take advantage of the tools and apps designed to help discover specific types of content and your approach to content marketing will be strengthened for it.

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