Case Study: How Interactions Increased Conversions by 50%

September 9, 2015 Uberflip Hub

Interactions offers virtual assistant solutions that provide automated customer care with a human touch.

"Uberflip lets you focus on the content and the value of the context — and everything else becomes simple. Formatting, cross-browser/device usability, calls to action, conversion tracking — all becomes simple."

– Dan Fox, Sr. Marketing Manager @ Interactions


Without a designated home for all the eBooks, videos and articles that Interactions produced, content marketing was more complicated than it had to be— not only for the marketers at the wheel, but for visitors consuming the content too.

Since much of Interactions' content lived behind landing page forms, it was spread far too thin in a disconnected content experience that didn't facilitate further content consumption or natural lead generation.

As Interactions pushed out more content, it became necessary to decide where to put it in order to maximize the potential of everything they published. There were two options available: Spend time and resources to build a content hub in-house or find a comprehensive content marketing solution.

Interactions needed a content hub that offered:

  1. A single branded destination for both their content and those who consumed it.

  2. An alternative way to gate content within the experience without relying on interruptive landing pages.

  3. Seamless integration with their existing HubSpot marketing automation.


After speaking with an Uberflip representative who was "more of a consultant than Sales person", Interactions' team was able to integrate Uberflip with their existing HubSpot marketing automation without much help from their developers.

With an Uberflip Hub, landing pages weren't the only way to convert visitors anymore. Interactions leveraged Hub's easy-to-apply contextual Overlay CTA to tease their premium whitepapers and case studies with less intrusive forms. Now, Interactions could collect leads without forcing visitors to exit to a landing page.

Interactions hub

Interactions was also able to use Uberflip to:

  • Gate content within the experience with easy-to-apply and less interruptive Overlay CTAs.

  • Strategically organize content streams around events, research and specific categories to better target their ideal buyers.

  • Simplify content marketing processes by directing their attention on a single location.

  • Upload PDFs as Flipbooks to enrich whitepapers and eBooks with other media to deliver an interactive experience that looks good on any screen.

It's "easier to publish", according to Dan Fox, and their content is seeing more views than ever before.


By integrating Uberflip into their content marketing strategy, Interactions:

  • Increased conversions by 50% over 90 days (compared to the same time period in 2013).

  • Increased overall traffic by 5% to content.

  • Extended the shelf life of all content—from videos to blog posts to Tweets.

  • Simplified conversion tracking for easier attribution of content ROI.

"Our sales team loves it. Their prospects are converting through our email and social marketing, and consuming multiple pieces of content on each visit."

– Dan Fox

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