Case Study: G Adventures

July 18, 2012 Aaliyah Madadi

G Adventures is the ultimate destination for those planning a travel adventure. For over 20 years, G Adventures has offered exciting trips for all degrees of travel enthusiasts and they’ve now turned to Uberflip to power their e-brochures. G Adventures’ brochures use Uberflip’s geo-targeting tool, which automatically delivers tailored content to different geographic regions – all from a single link. Check out our interview with Rachel Wasser, Marketing Multitasker at G Adventures, for the scoop on how they’re using Uberflip to promote and distribute their award-winning trips.

1.    What problem did you have that Uberflip solves?

As a travel company that often promotes our sustainability credentials, we wanted to ensure that we could provide our travellers with online access to our brochures. We required an easy-to-use, intuitive solution for both our travellers and for ourselves. Uberflip allows us to integrate multimedia content and provided us with the perfect solution at a great cost.

2. What are the metrics or KPIs you look at when using Uberflip?

Uberflip provides us with great tracking and measuring capabilities. The KPIs we measure our success by are Page Views, Issue Views, Unique Visits vs Return visits, and subsequent online conversions. Uberflip’s zoom feature has been useful in assisting with our design of next year’s brochure production. This feature allows us to track what content people find interesting on our page.

3. How does Uberflip fit into your overall inbound marketing strategy? How about your lead nurturing efforts?

Uberflip is part of our inbound marketing strategy as they provide an engaging interactive display of our brochures online, which helps the stickiness of our website. It provides us with immediacy for our fulfillment and takes the traveller one step further in the purchasing funnel. It’s also a great qualification tool for brochure mailing. Travel is traditionally very visual and brochures are a high touch product – we find many of our travellers still want to have a physical brochure. The fact that they’ve first viewed it online better qualifies them and results in a higher conversion for our mailed brochures.

Check out G Adventures’ e-brochure here!

About the Author

After graduating from the HBA program at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Aaliyah launched her career as Marketing Coordinator at Uberflip! Prior to her HBA, Aaliyah also completed a Bachelor in English at Western University.

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