Throwback Thursday: Content Hubs Before & After An Experience Makeover

September 8, 2016 Sam Brennand

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Agh, Throwback Thursday. The phenomenon better know in its hashtag form: #TBT.

These three simple letters are to blame for the endless stream of baby photos and pictures from long-ago vacations that routinely flood your Instagram and Twitter feeds once a week. Over the last few years, the #TBT hashtag has been used on social networks over 17,000,000,000,000,000 times (alright, I made that up. But honestly, I'm probably not that far off – it's a phenomenon after all).

Never ones to let a good trend go untouched, marketers have gotten in on the action over the last few years as well, regularly using #TBT to strategically drive traffic to older pieces of content.

Our Customer Success team is also a big fan of #TBT. After all, we're in the business of helping organizations turn so-so content resources into world-class content experiences. And one of our favorite tools for finding throwback content experiences is the Wayback Machine  

For example, you can use the slider below to check out what our Resource Hub looked like in 2013. Beware, was awful.

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after versions of the Uberflip Resource Hub).

If you were one of the fortunate content marketers who was able to attend last month's The Uberflip Experience, you'll know that great content experiences are no longer optional.

Poor content experiences don't help to foster conversation or content engagement. Poor content experiences don't lend themselves to lead generation. Poor content experiences don't lead to long-lasting customer relationships.

Simply put, phenomenal content experiences have become table stakes for content marketers.

Over the last several years, our Customer Success Team has had the pleasure of working with hundreds and hundreds of marketing teams as they've pushed to attain these world-class content experiences. Along the way, we've documented some pretty amazing transformations. 

So as a #TBT special, here are a few amazing before-and-after examples from real content marketers and some key lessons you can take away from their journeys.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation with 185,000 employees in over 100 countries around the world. 

Prior to a redesign in 2014, Schneider Electric's North American Data Center Resource Center wasn't the world's most engaging resource center. Content was dispersed over a number of areas, siloed  by type, difficult for visitors to consume, hard for Schneider's marketing team to manage, and above all, contained within a visual experience that didn't reflect the Schneider Electric brand. 

Schneider Electric's new and improved North American Data Center Resource Center is a textbook example of how to combine a huge number of resources into an all-encompassing and visually engaging content experience. By breaking content down by type, solution, and application, visitors to the Data Center Resource Center are empowered to define their own journey of content.  By using a variety of contextually placed calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the experience, Schneider's marketing team is also able to drive measurable increases in lead generation with minimal day-to-day effort. 

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


Workfront is the world's leading cloud-based work and project management solution.

Prior to embarking on an overhaul in 2016, Workfront's Resource Center siloed content by type, wasn't easy to use or update for Workfront's internal content creation team, wasn't fostering a great customer experience, and wasn't performing as well as it could've been from a conversion standpoint.

Workfront's spectacular new Resource Center does a fantastic job at seamlessly bringing together project management articles, news and press releases, eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, SlideShare presentations, webinar recordings, videos, and infographics. Strategically organizing content by role, topic, and resource type allows Workfront to encourage content engagement in the proper context, which can lead to lasting increases in engagement and lead generation.

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


ABILITY Network, a leading healthcare technology company, provides a comprehensive suite of care coordination and workflow services to help simplify the complexities of administrative and clinical processes. 

Before reimagining their Resource Center in 2015, ABILITY's world-class content was stuck on a single, uninspiring page that was negatively impacting engagement and conversions.

ABILITY's new Resource Center is an amazing example of how a needs-based content experience can foster dramatic increases in engagement. By structuring their Resource Center experience based on persona-driven statements such as "I work at...", "I want to learn more about...", or "I want to read/watch...", ABILITY's able to help customers find contextual content faster.

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


Amity is a fast-growing provider of powerful customer success software.

In 2015, Amity's resources were limited to a collection of blog posts organized on a typically unengaging Wordpress blog. As a result, content wasn't contextually organized, engagement pathways were poorly defined, and lead generation opportunities were few and far between. 

Since the overhaul, Amity's slick Customer Success Hub has become a go-to destination for customer success professionals by bringing together a variety of original and curated industry content. The Hub encourages its audiences to consume content by strategically organizing it based on topic, a key driver of engagement in the customer success industry.

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


ExamSoft is a worldwide leader in educational software, based in Dallas, Texas. ExamSoft's assessment software positively impacts student learning and programmatic effectiveness at over 1,100 educational institutions worldwide. 

In late 2015, ExamSoft's Learning Resources were housed in a resource center that left a lot to be desired. While content was structured by topic, the resource center's look and feel and limited filtering options made it tough for visitors to engage with more than a single piece of content on any given visit.

Today, ExamSoft's Resource Library is a picture perfect example of a great content experience. Content is organized by topic, industry, resource type, product, and users, contextual CTAs abound, and it's just flat-out beautiful.

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


Blackbaud is a leading supplier of software and services specifically designed to help non-profit organizations with fundraising, website management, CRM, analytics, financial management, ticketing, and education administration. 

Prior to a refresh, Blackbaud K12's content hub just wasn't cutting it in the eyes of Andria Mullaney, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Blackbaud.

Our old custom-built resource center was clunky, unattractive, and a mediocre experience for both customers and back-end marketing users.

–Andria Mullaney

After a redesign in 2015, Blackbaud's new K12 Resource Hub now brings together videos, webinars, eBooks, whitepapers, tip sheets, infographics, podcasts, presentations, news releases, blog posts, and social content into a single immersive content experience.

Our Hub is light years beyond our old resource center. It’s attractive, intuitive, fun to navigate, engaging, and keeps our viewers interested in content that directly ties to our products. It's essential to all of our marketing efforts and we’ve seen outstanding results.

Andria Mullaney

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


SYSPRO Canada is a global leader in providing Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions. 

Back in 2014, SYSPRO Canada's content resources were siloed by content type on a global resource center with limited contextual Streams and lead generation opportunities. 

SYSPRO Canada's gorgeous Resource Hub was redesigned to help key personas better discover and convert on the premium content that SYSPRO Canada's marketing team produces on a monthly basis. 

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


DoubleDutch is a world leader in live engagement marketing solutions, helping brands all over the world to drive attendee interaction at conferences, tradeshows, conventions, and events.

Back in 2015, DoubleDutch's event management resource library was lived on a single page in an uninspiring blog. Not only did this lead to a poor content experience for prospects and customers, but also made it incredibly tough for DoubleDutch's marketing team to create, manage, and optimize content experiences. 

Using Uberflip to revamp the DoubleDutch Resource Hub has given control back to DoubleDutch's marketing team when it comes to crafting great content experiences, leading to better content discoverability and an increase in conversions (check out this awesome case study if you're curious to learn more).

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).

Electro Rent

Electro Rent is the world's leading T&M (test and measurement) equipment rental company. 

According to Flobo Boyce, Content Strategist at Electro Rent Corporation, overhauling the content experience on was a labor of love.

Simply put, we wanted to share our love of our industry with our clients. With our resource center, we can put “our best foot forward” in the digital space. We want to create a community around news, notes and other information around our passion for test and measurement equipment.

– Flobo Boyce

Today, Electro Rent's 360 Resource Center serves as a single destination for visitors from the T&M industry, bringing together news, articles, event information, videos, and eBooks.

Instead of delivering our content solutions on ad hoc platforms, we have a singular (and enhanced) content experience for anyone who visits Electro Rent’s 360 Resource Center.

- Flobo Boyce

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).


aPriori is a Massachusetts-based software company that develops and markets product cost management software.

Prior to being reimagined in early 2016, aPriori's resource center siloed content by type in an unengaging and uninspiring experience.

aPriori's sleek new Resource Hub strategically organizes whitepapers, case studies, datasheets, and videos by market, solution, role, type, and product, making it easy for visitors to find and engage with content in a single destination.

(Click and drag your mouse from side to side on the image below to see the before and after).

We want to see your TBT content experiences!

Have a snap shot of a content experience transformation your organization recently undertook? We'd love to see it! 

Post a comment below or send us a snap shot at

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