A Day In The Life Of The Internet [Infographic]

May 28, 2014 Michael Keshen

The Internet has become an essential component of both our personal and professional lives, so a large part of our daily routines exists online. It goes without saying that we all know the Internet is enormous; however, it's only when you take a look at the facts that you begin to understand just how big it really is.

For this infographic, we did the research to find out what people are up to when they go online. As it turns out, people love content - and there's certainly enough of it to go around!

Tweet the facts:

Google receives 5.92 billion searches every day - Tweet it

1,896 blog posts are published every minute - Tweet it

16 years of video are uploaded every day to YouTube - Tweet it

Infographic: A Day on the Internet

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About the Author

Michael Keshen

Michael is a Content Marketer at Tucows.

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