5 Ready-To-Go SlideShare Templates

June 11, 2014 Michael Keshen

SlideShare Templates

SlideShare is an awesome content marketing platform. It's no secret that people prefer visual content, and presenting information as slides is a highly effective way to get your message across. At Uberflip, we've posted a bunch of our own SlideShares, many of which have even made it to the front page as a Top SlideShare (not that we're bragging, or anything).



Want to know the secret to creating great SlideShares? You'll need two things: Great content & beautiful design. That's it! Don't you feel better now?

The problem is that many people who create presentations for SlideShare are in a communications or marketing type of role, so most effort is devoted toward the content of the presentation over the design. Or, maybe they're really trying to make it look pretty but simply don't have the design chops to pull off the level of quality they're envisioning. 

You owe it to yourself and your content to give it the chance for success that it so rightfully deserves. So we've decided to help out and offer you 5 pre-designed, ready-to-go SlideShare templates!

No more staring at a blank PowerPoint presentation and not knowing where to begin. Simply download these templates, open them up, and away you go. Whether you're looking for a source of inspiration to get started or just want to plop your words in and upload, we hope these templates will make your job that little bit easier.

Click here to get your SlideShare templates now!

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Michael Keshen

Michael is a Content Marketer at Tucows.

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