Recommended Image Sizes for Thumbnails and CTAs

Environment is a huge part of what makes an excellent content experience, and a good environment is primarily made up of how your content is packaged and presented to the world—its appearance.

Creating appealing visuals for your content is a great way to spark engagement, attract more buyers, and build awareness of your brand! Your visual strategy should play an important role during the process of setting up your Hub.

We recommend using these image sizes for thumbnails and CTAs on your Hub to create a visually appealing content experience.

In your Hub, a thumbnail is the preview image site of your featured image.

Recommended Thumbnail Image Sizes:

  1. Thumbnails for articles and video

  2. Thumbnails for Flipbooks

  3. Thumbnails for calls-to-action (CTAs)

1. Thumbnails for blog articles and videos: 500 x 272 pixels

  • This larger image size ensures that if the image is featured as the larger tile in the Stream, it won’t be distorted.


2. Thumbnails for default Flipbook tiles: 500 x 580 pixels

  • Keep in mind that the title and description at the bottom of the tile will overlap the bottom of the thumbnail image (140 pixels or 25% of the cover).

  • Flipbook thumbnails are designed by default to be taller images, similar to the cover of a piece of content/book.

  • If you have requested any changes to your Flipbook tiles (for example, making the thumbnails the same size as article thumbnails), these dimensions may not apply.

3. Calls-to-action when adding images as the background for CTAs: 250 x 330 pixels

Did you know: Adding a background image to a CTA can double conversions? Uncover more statistics in The Content Experience Report.

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