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Installing the Uberflip Outlook Extension (Cloud)

Here's how to install the Uberflip Outlook Extension, a powerful add-in for sharing and distributing your Hub's content.

The Uberflip platform extension is set up in Outlook using an xml file. All you'll need to complete the process is the link, which is:

Step 1 - Click Settings > Options

Log in to your Outlook account and look for the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. On the drop down menu that appears, click Options.

Step 2 - Manage Add-ins

Under the General options menu, click on Manage add-ins.

Step 3 - Add from a URL

Look for the + drop down button under the Manage Add-ins description and click on Add from a URL.

Step 4 - Enter Extension Manifest URL

Then click Next.

Step 5 - Install

Outlook will present you with a warning that asks if you'd like to continue with installing the add-in. Click the Install button.

Step 6 - Click OK

You'll see some instructions to start using the add-in. Once you click 'OK', you can start using the Uberflip Outlook Extension!

Ready to start using the Uberflip Outlook Extension? Click here!