How to Use Uberflip and Terminus to Fuel Your ABM Strategy

November 15, 2017

Watch this behind-the-scenes webinar of how Uberflip and Terminus users power their integration to build ABM campaigns that win. Gain perspective on the organizational infrastructure needed for account-based marketing to work, as well as how you can use content to drive your ABM cadence.

It’s time to move away from the traditional demand gen tactics with a focus on pure volume and towards a targeted approach. And who to learn it best than from both Uberflip and Terminus’ internal ABM champions? They will be diving deep into the nitty gritty platform pluses that drive their key account engagement.

You’ll discover strategies and tips to:

  • Use your existing buyer personas to hyper-target your key - accounts like nobody’s business 
  • Leverage content into your ABM plays and engage like a boss
  • Personalize your B2B account based advertising at scale

Interested in learning more about Uberflip? Schedule a demo here!

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