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12 2014

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You now have the option to prominently display large "Download PDF" & "Expand Fullscreen" buttons underneath your Flipbooks for a better user experience. This feature is a great way to give your audience the immediate option to choose between the native Flipbook or downloadable PDF experience. You can now choose to "Always Update Conversion Item ID" to ensure recent contact conversions are always synced within your marketing automation when they revisit a piece of content. In addition, you can also choose to "Never hide this CTA" to make it appear regardless of whether the visitor has already completed all available form fields. With the new Multi-User functionality, you can now invite members from different teams, assign specific permissions and work together on separate tasks within your Hub. Just like your content, now your Hub is a place where your team can come together too. A BETTER FLIPBOOKS EXPERIENCE MORE CTA OPTIONS CREATE YOUR UBERFLIP TEAM

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