Content Roundup: How To Get More Social Media Followers, Customer Retention Tips And More

May 30, 2014 Hayley Mullen

This week's #ContentRoundup is all about  getting more followers across all (or most) of your social networks, hashtag winners and losers, customer retention and more.


6 Research-Backed Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and More

The "big 10" of sparking follower growth and how to make it happen on all of your social channels. 


Never Fear Google Again: The Smart Person’s Guide to Guest Blogging


A foolproof guide to guest blogging (no matter what Google decides to change) from Copyblogger.


The Rules of Twitter Hashtags: Hits and Misses From 7 Big Brands

Easy on the pound key: 7 brands who won and lost when it comes to proper hashtagging. 


The Definitive Guide To Marketing Automation

Everything you need to know about using marketing automation, for those just getting started - or pros who need a little refresher. 


Facts Tell, Stories Sell – How Infotainment Inspires Action in B2B Marketing

"The B's in B2B are people too." How to entertain your audience in a meaningful way. 


BONUS:  6 Easy To Implement Tactics That Will Turn Churn Around 


Churn be gone! Our Director of Marketing, Hana Abaza, wrote a great piece  for KISSmetrics on keeping those hard-earned customers. 


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About the Author

Hayley Mullen

Hayley is a former Uberflip Community Manager. If you have followed Uberflip on any of our social media channels for the past few years, you may already be familiar with Hayley's past work.

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